You are in Great Hands

Dear patient,

You are in great hands.

I have worked along side many doctors. The first of them being my own father. He was a kind and very ethical dentist. His philosophy was that you should treat a patient exactly how you wished to be treated. Growing up, I was lucky enough to watch him and emulate his values. These are the same values I look for in my own physicians and the doctors who employ me.

The doctors who employ me now — they are the best of them. Everyday, I get to watch two doctors that care for their patients, take the time to explain treatment and above all else consider each patients' needs as if they were staring at a member of their own family. They reflect on a patients' thoughts or words hours after they have already left the building. Being married to the military, I've seen a lot of different doctors and I can tell you, first hand, this is rare and it's beautiful.

The concern they have for their employees, patients and even myself is obvious to anyone who encounters them. As a team, we have seen these two men make a difference in so many lives. I know what you may be thinking -- it's just braces. But ultimately what it gives to our patients is confidence and that's pretty priceless. A simple act of kindness can have a profound impact on lives, and I believe they provide that almost every single day.

So today, I can tell you one thing for sure, whether you are already in treatment or debating starting -- you are and will be in great hands.

Practice Manager


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